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Rheology Central for rheology testing of raw materials and products.  Whether you need data for transport and processing of fluid systems, process scale-up, research needs to characterize products and raw materials developing specifications, need to study interactions between components or quantify consumer perceived product attributes to guide product development for next generation products, let us join your research team..

Let us know how we can help you with your rheology testing requirements.  We can run single rheology tests or test suites to better suit your specific research needs in the following  measurements:

Strain Sweeps

Frequency Sweeps

Viscosity Testing

Yield Stress

Strain Sweeps 01 Frequency Sweep 01 Viscosity testing at Rheology Central Yield Stress t2srrheometer

Oscillating Rheometer

Powder Avalanche Tester

Powder Rheology Testing at Fluid Dynamics

Viscosity behavior.

Newtonian vs non-Newtonian.


Is that product easy to apply?

Lubricity is a critical property (coefficient of friction) in many applications.  Click on our link for more information on our capabilities.

How does it look and feel?


Rheology is our core business.  We study the mechanical properties of pharmaceuticals, adhesives, building materials, household and personal care products, cosmetics, toiletries, and many raw materials such as water soluble polymers, and numerous thickening agents.  

We are experimental rheologists at your service.  We are small group with strong background in engineering, physics, math and material science.  Building custom tools and instruments is our passion.  With our excellent machine shops, we can quickly and easily create novel tools and textures to make our measurements possible.

Located in the USA - and MADE in the USA.

Rheology Testing Tool Lubricity
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