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Fluid Dynamics provides rheology testing and research services to the worldwide chemical process industry.

We are experienced experimental rheologists, with extensive experience in raw material and finished product characterizations. Our experience ranges from isotropic solutions to highly filled structured dispersions. Materials testing is our mission.

We offer a broad range of dynamic mechanical, steady shear viscosity testing, and extensional measurements.

Our testing is strictly confidential, efficient, with excellent turn around time.
We are a research group, proficient in the rheology measurements and materials testing of fluid and semi-solid systems. Our experience ranges from solutions to viscous pastes, creams and waxes. We can identify if your fluid is Newtonian or non-Newtonian, thixotropic, pseudoplastic, viscoelastic, and determine the temperature dependence. We are skilled in the rheological characterizations of both structured and unstrucured systems.

We can assist you in the evaluation of your products and/or raw materials to improve rheology, identify critical rheological properties, provide direction for improving flow behavior, develop R&D and/or QC rheology metric protocols, track rheology profiles during physical stability studies, etc.

Dynamic Mechanical Measurements, Steady Shear Viscometry, Yield Stress Estimates, Viscosity Testing Services, Strain Sweeps, Frequency Sweeps, Time Sweeps

Let us know your particular requirements, and we will diligently work with you to address your needs. If there isn't a "standard" method to address your interest or problem, we'll try to simulate and quantify your particular interest using a less conventional methodology.

We are aware of the need for strict confidentiality for all of our testing and communications. We protect the confidentiality of our clients and execute CDA's on a routine basis.

You will find that our turn-around-time is excellent, typically within 24 hours if possible, at no additional change. We appreciate the urgency of your testing needs.

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